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When Dreams Collide

...nse that I have found myself missing the little, day-to-day moments with God. I realize the importance of just being with the creator of the universe, just because I love Him and for no other reason. I realize that I really am nothing without Him, and that everyday I make the choice in my heart to l Read More...

A Journey of Thanks

...aling to me more and more beauty, situations, and moments to be thankful for (or maybe it is not tha...the next thing. I am learning that it is in those moments where time speeds up most and where we are...eeds up most and where we are most likely to miss moments where we can be grateful.God blesses us wi Read More...

God Uses the Hard Seasons

...ough the challenges and blessings He presents to me. In the moments where I am alone and thinking about the season He has me in, I realize how essential and important it is to experience those rough seasons, because there is one thing that is always certain through those seasons: they bind us tighte Read More...

Come to the Table

... and for all of us to be faithful followers of Jesus in the moments when we don’t have answers?Maybe it looks like awkward amounts of vulnerability. Extending a hand to those that you have previously ignored. One of my dear friends gave me incredible advice when I was on a mission trip and qui Read More...
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