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Questioning God's Promises

...he bus waiting for it to look the way I expected it to. His promises never fail and He is always good. So I invite you to join me today to stop worrying about tomorrow. Let God be God and we can be His people. For our lives are not our own, they belong to someone with a much better plan than we coul Read More...
Author: Cory Smith
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Finding my Love Story

...t set that I like the best. I am entitled to have promises revealed in the time that works best for ...n ways that I have never been able to before. His promises will always be fulfilled. WE are entitled...ow that. But we are never entitled to believe the promises will come when we want them too. Even tho Read More...

Love Lifted Me

...g the minute I placed my insecurities and desired promises on the cross.Clear as the grace given by ... that cross, the cross that then held the longing promises of our Well family, that at that moment, ... His love, the Lord’s love, lifted me.  Read More...

The Value of Relying on God in all Circumstances

...lowing with love. He has been reminding me to hold onto his promises and to not let fear take over. Fear is a crippling force that consumes the mind, but love brings beauty and a deep joy that can only be felt through God.If I could choose one thing that God has been showing me, it is how desperatel Read More...
Author: Ruth Chilcote

A Year of Faith

...ning ourselves up. The vulnerability that the Lord asks for promises us that we will bear fruit, realize gifts, grow in maturity, become sanctified, transform to Christ’s likeness, & develop oneness with the Spirit. He calls to us, “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone Read More...
Author: Joe Antus

Navigating Dis-Connectedness from God

In the last few months I find my time with the Lord as compared through the summer to November to be significantly different. How can this be? I was in a sweet spot in being in intimacy with the Lord spending time with him, and enjoying the journey he has me on. What has changed?As I reflect on this Read More...

1. 2. 3.

Have you ever been caught outside, just at the end of a big storm? It’s this eerie, quiet moment where you can sense that something big just happened, and it’s unclear whether it’s really finished or just taking a break? That’s where we are.One year ago, I was a full time g Read More...
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