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Enter into the presence of the Living God and be encouraged in your faith journey.

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Join together in community with others to navigate life’s challenges.


Answer the pull on your heart to live into your faith and make an impact for the kingdom.

Come to The Well. Be yourself. 

Jesus will do the rest.


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Ascribing Unsurpassable Worth

Ascribing Unsurpassable Worth

My friend Pete shared a powerful word from the Lord at The Well a few weeks ago. One of my favorite things about Pete is his tendency to share profound truths in a nonchalant way. We’ll just be walking down the sidewalk and he’ll say something like, “Have you ever thought about how the enormity and intricacy of God’s love is demonstrated by creation?” And I’ll respond with a thoughtful, “Uh, yeah, totally.”

Come to the Table

Come to the Table

What does it mean for us as the Church to be a people of inclusion?


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