Why The Well?

It can be hard to navigate the challenges that come with being in college. From daily class work to making new friends, to figuring out who you are: it’s an exciting–but stressful–time.


Build Connections with Others and with God

At The Well, we’re passionate about relationships. Whether you grew up in the church, have a complicated relationship with Jesus, or are just now dipping your toes in the water of faith, your questions, struggles, triumphs, and quirks are welcome here. In fact, our leaders were once students like you - many of them at AU - trying to figure stuff out.

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Find Depth in Community

You can read the Bible, listen to an inspiring message, and sing the newest worship songs. But without community, the Christian experience can feel confusing and empty. You need a community that meets you where you are, that accepts you without judgment no matter where your spiritual journey has taken you.

Find your people and walk together through what God has in store for you.

Be Known

Experience what it’s like to be truly known–by others, by yourself, and God. You belong at The Well.

Mission of The Well:

The Well is a movement of Jesus Christ on the campus of Ashland University that seeks to glorify God the Father through the leading of the Holy Spirit by making Christ-following disciples and advancing God’s Kingdom in tangible ways. We do this through creating an environment where lives are changed as we: Encounter the presence, power and love of Jesus Christ, Experience the Joy of Incarnational community, and Respond to God for all the He is and all that He does through blessing others.

The Well is part of the Office of Christian Ministry at Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio.

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