Forward Motion

Lisa Kilper February 09, 2013 0 comments

Sometimes in life, God puts us in a place, or with people, that are supposed to be only a temporary part of our lives. There to help us for the time being, but if stayed with longer than God intended could hinder us in our spiritual journey.

Such a place and people happened with me. God provided me with a place where I truly felt belonged and treasured, in a time when I did not feel that way in many places. This group furthered me in my walk with God, and taught me many life lessons, and provided me with many cherished memories. Then, after years of this place being my go to place, where I could feel good and have support, something happened that changed everything. There was a betrayal in the group, and members were pitted against one another. I continued to push on, persistently attending the group, hoping for it to become to me what it once was.

But after each session I left feeling more and more empty. I could find God nowhere in it, and this prevented me from seeing him elsewhere. It was suggested to me that I should leave, but I so deeply wanted that place back, it didn’t matter that God wasn’t there. I just wanted to belong again. But God had other plans. He had always intended for the group to be a temporary relief in my life, an incubator until I was ready to move on. I constantly went back to this place, hoping but knowing that it would never do me any good.

God told me to move forward through many people, but it could not stick until I opened myself up and heard it from him myself. Only then did I choose to leave, and never look back. Forward motion is always difficult, it’s much easier to simply stay put, where you’re safe, and you at least know what to expect. But God never fails to push us on, just when we get too comfortable. In order to grow spiritually, you can’t stay put in one place. You must move on, reach out to others, and go wherever God commands you. 

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