When Dreams Collide

Morgan Briggs February 15, 2013 0 comments

Over Christmas Break I was able to visit an organization that I could potentially do my internship at. The moment I stepped onto the facility, I was so overwhelmed by the goodness of God and my heart instantly came alive all over again. It was very clear to me that the dreams that are in my heart, are in there for a reason. I collided with the fact that my dreams are God’s dreams, meaning that He wants them to come true even more than I do! As I’ve started school back up, I’ve hit a new level of excitement for what is to come. 

With this excitement in my heart, it’s been a bit overbearing in the sense that I have found myself missing the little, day-to-day moments with God. I realize the importance of just being with the creator of the universe, just because I love Him and for no other reason. I realize that I really am nothing without Him, and that everyday I make the choice in my heart to love and want Him more than anything or anyone. He is the most important being in my life and always will be.

In this season of my life, I choose to: live in the moment more now than ever before, seek God more than the dreams of my heart, and to love God more and more each day. I am excited for the future, but am learning to lean into the arms of God in every moment of every day! 

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