Boyfriend Material

Nicole Austin February 19, 2013 0 comments

Everyone hopes for that someone they can share their life with and it’s within that hoping that I lost myself and my sight of God.

I spent most of my summer dreaming prince charming would come in riding on his white stallion, but that was far from what was actually happening. I was emotionally draining myself. Pseudo-dating guys became my new profession. I put all my effort into searching for “the one whom my soul loves” (Songs 3:4). I wanted a guy I could relate to and share all my feelings.

However, I was doing just the opposite.

Throughout this process, it seemed harder to relate to those around me. My feelings were scattered and often I couldn’t explain them. I lost sight of God and His love for me. This past semester has been a season searching for God within my heart. No other love could satisfy me as much as His.

God’s love is not superficial is it sacrificial. He loves unconditionally. It has not been long since I had this revelation, but after God had spoken to me I felt a great sense of peace in my heart. The void was filled; what needed all along was God, not prince charming. I keep striving to know God more in my heart, seek Him first and not satisfy the voids with things of this earth. A relationship with God is the best relationship you can have.  

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