Coming Alive

Allison Smith February 20, 2013 0 comments

I grew up in an active Methodist family and went to church every Sunday. If it was a Sunday, I knew I was going to church. It was just something you did, like going to school every day. I never really listened to the service. I sat in my seat for an hour and then went home. That was church for me.

However, once I came to Ashland, everything changed.

After leaving my parents, I sat at my desk thinking, “Holy crap, this is real. God I need you a lot right now.”

My first Sunday in Ashland I went to 5stones (it was Sunday after all). All of sudden everything clicked and I started going to church because I was excited to learn and worship. I also went to the Well and loved it. Although I enjoyed these two things, starting the spring semester of my Freshman year, I knew I needed more. I joined the Freshman girls small group and got to know some terrific people. Ever since then I have been in some type of small group.

Leaving Ashland for the summer after my Freshman year was hard. I did not really have a church I connected with to go home to. Fortunately, my mom and sister were in the same boat (my dad still liked the old one). Finally, we found NEO church. Starting my second year at AU, I found myself wanting more of God. I started going to ELI and from that I became a member of the small group administration. I also became more active in dorm.

In all, it is truly amazing to look back and see what God can do in just three years. While it is a constant struggle for me every day to trust Him and continue to seek Him (I do fail many times), He is always there for me with immeasurable love and forgiveness. 

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