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By Sara French

March 12, 2013

                This year the Lord has truly taken care of me. At the end of the semester last year the Lord laid it on my heart that I may need to take some time off from school to navigate my life and my finances. This terrified me and I did all I could to avoid it. I made the realization that a part of my identity was rooted in school. It has been a constant in my life since I was in kindergarten and the thought of life without it was a bit terrifying. The Lord spoke very clearly to me one evening when surrounded by close friends that taking a year off was what I was supposed to do. So, I did. The transition was hard and gaining back some of my peace wasn’t easy, but the Lord provided. This year has been better than I ever dreamed possible.

                Due to the fact I was not in school I have been able to discover more about who I am. I have been blessed with a job working with kids. I got engaged to the greatest man alive whom I get to marry in June. And finally, I am beginning to gain back some of my peace with God. If I would not have trusted the Lord with my future, something incredibly important to me, I would not have been clear minded enough to embrace the beauty of these amazing things I was blessed with. The Lord showed up, revealed His Will, and followed through. God is good.

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Absolutely love this testimony of Gods peace and goodness :) great blog Sara!
Carly at 1:43pm EDT - March 12, 2013
Why you are so sure about it? Why do you believe in that? buy dissertations
Andrew at 3:14pm EDT - August 21, 2017

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