Lisa Kilper February 19, 2015


We all have them. They make up who we are. If it were not for stories, we would all be exactly the same, trudging through life, doing nothing. When we do things, when we put ourselves in the way of life, we find stories. Yes, some stories are boring, yet told millions of times, while others are interesting and complex, yet only spoken of once.

Now, just because something is a story, doesn’t mean it must be written. You tell stories to your friends every day, and they usually start with someone asking ‘How was your day?’ Stories have been around since the beginning. Just look in your Bible, or at it. The whole thing is one big story, filled with many small stories. That’s just like your life. One big story, filled with many smaller ones.

Now, the Bible was written by normal people, just like you and me, and their stories were chosen to be compiled into one great collection of God’s stories. We call the words written in those stories scripture. The words came from God, the people wrote them.

Now, to my point.

We are people. We can hear from God. We have stories of how God has moved in our lives. We can share and create new scripture.

Woah. Let that sink in for a moment.

All better? So, how is this possible? Can I really write scriptures? Sure! You have stories, all you have to do is share them. That’s God’s word. He speaks through stories, and he creates stories for us to experience. He does this so that we can share these stories with others, inspiring them, encouraging them, and providing real life examples of God’s work. So, yes, each word you write of your story, of how God has moved in your life, is scripture. It may not be as widely read and known as the scriptures in the Bible, but it is no less effective, as long as you get it out there. So what are you waiting for? Tell your story. Write it down. Share it with everyone. It’s important and people want to hear it.

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