Kelly Crowl February 26, 2015

This semester, I’ve spent a lot of time playing the “What If” game. I’ve wondered “What if I’d gone to a different school?”, “What if I hadn’t changed my major?”, “What if I had chosen a different dorm to live in freshman year?”, “What if I had gotten involved in different organizations than I did?” The list goes on and on. In thinking about the answer to these questions, it’s easy to get caught in the “grass is always greener” mentality and start wishing for a different path for my life.

At the Well this semester, we’ve been talking a lot about how the trajectory of our lives are determined by the stories that we hear and believe, and during this series, God has been revealing to me His love in the form of choices. I’m someone who would much rather just have people tell me what to do than have to make a decision myself, but God has been showing me the beauty of choices. No matter what I decide, God will be beside me, holding my hand and leading me through my decision; it’s my choice to look at that as an opportunity to lean on him rather than depend on myself.

When I think about the different ways that I could have chosen to answer the “What If” questions, I am beginning to see how God has used the choices that I made to teach me and reach other people through me. The trajectory of my life is determined not by my choices, but how I respond and allow the Holy Spirit to work through my choices. Live confidently and contentedly into the choices that you’ve made; our Father gives us the gift of choice while promising that He will be with us no matter what choice we make.

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