A Journey of Thanks

Natasha Kirkbride April 15, 2015

God has been revealing to me more and more beauty, situations, and moments to be thankful for (or maybe it is not that He is revealing more, but that I am now choosing to see more). Recently, because of a combination of factors: new responsibilities, goals that I have for myself, and the mentality of our society; it has been tempting for me to be swept into the rush. I have caught myself not being fully present in the moment I am in, but instead thinking about the next thing. I am learning that it is in those moments where time speeds up most and where we are most likely to miss moments where we can be grateful.

God blesses us with His goodness, the people He has created, and opportunities that stir up our hearts for Him on a daily basis. We become aware of these blessings when we choose to be thankful. What does it truly mean to be thankful? It runs so much deeper than saying thanks before a meal, or thanking after receiving a gift. It is an intentional action and though that can be lived out constantly. The result of choosing to live this way? Joy, patience, compassion, gentleness- and this I am saying only from the small amount of increase that I’ve experienced since this journey of thanks. As I am writing these things, I feel a familiarity to the fruits of the Spirit. Maybe that’s why it says in 1st Thessalonians;

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. (5:16-18)

God created us so that through our giving thanks to him, the fruit of the spirit flow from us. Friends, I hope you are encouraged to choose to see God in your everyday; it is there that His light shines brightest in you.

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