Step Out in Faith

By Katie Runser

April 22, 2015

God continues to teach me so many things as I continue my journey in becoming and nurse and head out into the “real world”. In each class and clinical He challenges me to grow as a person and in my faith.

Recently he has been challenging me more to trust in the plan he has for my life. This is an especially hard concept for me to accept. Nursing school really pushes me out of my comfort zone and there are a lot of times when I question if I will ever be able to complete it. In all of my clinicals I am pushed to care for people when they are at difficult stages in their lives. It can be overwhelming at times, but it is also an extreme blessing to be allowed the privilege to care for them. Through each step in becoming a nurse I have seen God’s presence leading the way. He has helped me to grow in my self-confidence this past year when caring for other people. The support of the faculty and other students has also helped me to grow in my faith.

God has really shown me that I have to trust in His plan for my because what He has planned for my life is so much more fulfilling than what I could ever achieve on my own. I am excited to fulfill his future plans for me in my life and continue to spread His love through my life.

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