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Mallorie Miller March 13, 2015

Mallorie Miller

Campus Minister, Center of Religious Life

What I love: laughing, coffee, honest writing, good music, sleeping in, almost all kinds of movies, substantive conversations, the ocean, adventuring, my incredible nieces, God’s overwhelming grace and love.  My vocation (the overarching call that is ever-present in my work, regardless of job) is spiritual formation - walking with others into greater intimacy with God. This has looked like being named the business' "spiritual guide" when I worked retail and currently looks like being a campus minister and study abroad advisor at Ashland University.  I live with thirteen people, two dogs and a cat in an intentional community house in Ashland. 

I first experienced God when I was fifteen years old and it has been a surprising, sometimes difficult, utterly beautiful journey since then. A couple of weeks ago, I was needing to hear from God pretty desperately.  In worship, I inwardly heard God repeat to me something I had written in a random poem months before. He said, I want to be the strength that takes up residence inside you. It was a sweet reminder that He is always with me, even when I'm not paying attention, and that He is all I need.


Lisa Kilper

Senior, Early Childhood Education

I like to be behind the scenes.I do not like recognition or praise. But that all comes with the territory of what I love to do. Which, in this case, is write. That being said, here's some biographical information on me.  I am the captain and a chaser of the Ashland Ashwinders Quidditch team. I  like to travel, read, write, play ukulele, and spend time in nature. I have three dogs and a bearded dragon, which has got to be the best pet around, minus the crickets. I love to work with children and often find my mind completely occupied with  plans for what to do with them at school or at camp. On that note, I am a camp counselor during the summers. Ask me about it sometime, I've got a lot of crazy stories.

I'm not gonna go on sharing my testimony on here, I'll just tell you that the road has been kinda bumpy, and I have just as many answers as you do... Which is not a lot. The only thing that makes me qualified to share these stories is that somehow, God loves me and has given me this purpose. So, I'm gonna keep doing it, and I hope that the words reach many ears and affect many lives. 


Matt Erickson

Junior, Digital Media Journalism and Religion

A little bit about me, I am an avid lover of languages, puppies, Jesus Christ, American football, and adventure.

As I was trying to write this, I thought of some of the simplest things about me. The traits and loves that make me who I am. There are many things that are important to me in this world, lots that get my blood pumping. Telling life stories and living a life telling about are a two of them. I tend to bring passion to everything I do. I am a firm believer that memories and life stories deserve to be told. I work as a photographer and videographer and am reminded of this idea every day.  I am of the mindset that no moment in time will ever exist in the same way again. With that being said I think that this world is full of stories worth telling. They are so important to me and if you have one to tell I would love to help you tell yours.

My life story in Christ has not been an easy one. That being said because of the bumpy road I am much more sure of my life in Him and the direction that I am heading in it. Since freshman year I have been confident in my majors, Digital Media Journalism and Religion. I am so excited to tell the world of the amazing things that God is doing. I envision my career being about telling the world the powerful stories of God’s people.

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