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My favorite thing about Jesus is how he surprises me with demonstrations of love when I am least expecting it
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Ascribing Unsurpassable Worth
My friend Pete shared a powerful word from the Lord at The Well a few weeks ago. One of my favorite things about Pete is his tendency to share profound truths in a nonchalant way. We’ll just be walking down the sidewalk and he’ll say something like, “Have you ever thought about how the enormity and intricacy of God’s love is demonstrated by creation?” And I’ll respond with a thoughtful, “Uh, yeah, totally.”
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Mallorie's Audio

Freedom Over Fear
Listen in as our friend and leader Mallorie Miller teaches on the freedom that comes from being a child of God. This talk continues our series on discovering what it means for us to be a People of the Presence as highlighted by Galatians 5:1-15.

Freedom Over Fear - 5

God is Faithful
Join our friend Mallorie as she leads us through an examination of the book of Hosea and the promise of God's faithfulness. This is the second installment of our newest series Big: Discovering the Attributes of God.

God is Faithful - 5

God is Love
Mallorie Miller walks us through the life changing reality of God's enormous love. Even though you may understand this idea conceptually, do you embrace it unconditionally? Mallorie challenges us to live out of the reality of God's unchanging love.

God is Love - 5

Jacob & Esau
This week Mallorie encourages us to surrender the promises God has given to us but not to let go of the hope that we have in Christ. Don't compromise your promise for a bowl of lentil soup!

Jacob & Esau - 5

A Community of Healing
Mallorie shares about how we can be committed to seeing wholeness restored in our world by living out Christ-glorifying and Kingdom-centered principles.

A Community of Healing - 5

Marriage & Faithfulness Part 2
Mallorie Miller, who serves as the Isaiah Project Coordinator at Ashland University, continues in our Writing on the Wall series by sharing about God's faithfulness to His people.

Marriage & Faithfulness Part 2 - 5

Barren Wastelands
Continuing in our series dealing with the Prophets, Mallorie shares about the promise of God's faithfulness in the midst of barren and desolate seasons.

Barren Wastelands - 5

Kingdom Warfare
Mallorie finishes up our Writing on the Wall series by discussing the Biblical imagery for spiritual warfare and how we have assurance of victory through Jesus Christ!

Kingdom Warfare - 5

Jesus: Jewish Messiah & King
As we begin a new series, Mallorie explains how Jesus is portrayed as the Messiah and King in the gospel of Matthew.

Jesus: Jewish Messiah & King - 5

The Gospel in the Old Testament: God Rescues Us from Slavery
Mallorie brought the word from the Old Testament about how God set the Israelites free from the slavery and bondage they were in. This is also true for us now: God desires to redeem us from the chains that oppress us!

The Gospel in the Old Testament: God Rescues Us from Slavery - 5

Minor Characters with Major Kingdom Impact: Apollos
Mallorie shares with us about the importance of Apollos's life and mission. He was a man who fervently shared the gospel of Jesus, and we are encouraged to do the same.

Minor Characters with Major Kingdom Impact: Apollos - 5

The Gospel of Hope in a World of Self-Preservation
Mallorie teaches on how God is working for the good in all things even when the story seems hard in the moment.

The Gospel of Hope in a World of Self-Preservation - 5

Jesus Changes Everything
Mallorie starts off the year in the Gospel of John with the story of the woman at the well and explains how Jesus meets us where we are in order to become change agents in the world around us.

Jesus Changes Everything - 5

Jesus Changes Everything Part 2
This week Mallorie spoke about John 3 and the story of Nicodemus. Jesus speaks about the gift of grace and that he is changing everything.

Jesus Changes Everything Part 2 - 5

Jesus Changes Everything Part 3
Mallorie shares about John 6 and how Jesus feeds the 5,000. Jesus helps us think bigger about the impact that we can have on other people. God wants to use you to bless other people in powerful ways.

Jesus Changes Everything Part 3 - 5

God Speaks: Covenant & Creativity
Mallorie teaches about how God is a communicating God by his very nature.

God Speaks: Covenant & Creativity - 5

Living in the 4th Chapter
The good news of redemption and restoration and our role in a new Kingdom.

Living in the 4th Chapter - 5

4th Chapter: Holy Imagination

4th Chapter: Holy Imagination - 5

4th Chapter: Gratitude

4th Chapter: Gratitude - 5

Remembering the Story

Remembering the Story - 5

In Jesus' Path

In Jesus' Path - 5

God Revealed: Rescuer of All

God Revealed: Rescuer of All - 5

Kingdom Calling: Righteousness

Kingdom Calling: Righteousness - 5

Normal People: Peter

Normal People: Peter - 5


Foreshadows - 5

WE: The Beloved Sent

WE: The Beloved Sent - 5

Foreshadows: Covenant People

Foreshadows: Covenant People - 5

Foreshadows: Sabbath

Foreshadows: Sabbath - 5

Surprised by Grace

Surprised by Grace - 5

Surprised by Grace Week 2

Surprised by Grace Week 2 - 5

Chosen: To Love

Chosen: To Love - 5

Be Joyful/Senior Testimonies

Be Joyful/Senior Testimonies - 5

The Upside down Kindgdom

The Upside down Kindgdom - 5

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